Whilst visiting family in Sagada, Philippines I discovered the Beekeepers Association of Sagada.

This organisation comprises of local environmental guides, farmers and local business people. Initially self taught a few of the founding members learnt about beekeeping, and have been sharing the knowledge amongst their group. Now the group has grown to 25 members, with around 50 colonies owned by the group.

Involved in organic farming and reforestation, beekeeping is important for the environment as bees help to reproduce plants through pollination. Similar the honey produced will produce an additional income for the members. Finally introducing honey more into the households than just relying on refined sugars is something beeKAS believe in around potential health benefits.

The video came about a few days just after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) struck the Philippines. Whilst in Sagada I was around 1000km away from the eye of the storm and felt helpless in directly helping the people affected by the typhoon. What was clearly apparent that life had to go on, people had livelihoods to maintain.

What really interested me about the project was the environmental aspect of this organisation and their general approach to protecting the area. Beekeeping was a personification of this and is utterly important in the production of plants and trees. But also the sale of honey is a new income stream on top of their day job. The power of nature was seen to brutal affect with the typhoon, and this organisation respects that. With the affects of climate change seeming more prominent, any organisation that's helping to promote what is good for the environment should get the exposure and help that it deserves.

Website: facebook.com/sagadabeekas

Directed by Ivan Madeira
Edited by Sagandoy Buyagan
Music by Sagandoy Buyagan

About beeKaS

An organization with members involved in beekeeping to complement the existing activities of the community of Sagada, Mountain Province Philippines. This is done by community-based tourism, reforestation and indigenous resource management.

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