Temptations come to us from various sources — three sources, really: from our fallen human nature; from the fallen world around us which tends to idolize things like money and sex and power; and from our ancient enemy, the devil.

We can’t avoid experiencing temptation, though we can often avoid putting ourselves in situations where we know we will be assaulted by temptations. Avoiding those kinds of situations is traditionally called, avoiding the “occasions of sin.” And that’s what temptations are: They are invitations to sin, to consent to any thought, word, or action that goes against God’s good and wise plan for us and for the world. And that’s why it’s good for us to understand the anatomy of temptation; it can help us identify temptations when they come, and be better prepared to resist them.

Join Fr. John Bartunek, LC, S.Th.D. for the conference section of "The Anatomy of Temptation: A Retreat Guide on David and Goliath" from RCSpirituality.org.

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