This song is about the physical and emotional sensations of birth. We wanted to show that childbirth deserves intimacy, a complete freedom of position, of movement and of expression, like in a sexual intercourse. Giving birth is an act of love.

Lyrics :
I let myself go
No fear of judgment
Just me and myself
My senses wide-awake
Yearning for freedom
Wanting no chains
The air surrounding me
is as sweet as love

My body is wild, my mind is clear
Passion is filling me
There's nothing here to learn
Just pure creation
This is a high, this is a strong
Shattering trip

This is so deeply moving
Don't wanna miss a thing
I'm drowned between
force and tenderness
I feel it inside me
And won't hold it back
I've found a land
Tinted with love.

My body is opening
life is passing through me
I give all of myself
I have no limit
Traveling out of time
I'm in another world
The water on my skin
Smells like love

I'm now liberated
I am all instinct
Pleasure and pain
Merging together
Without resistance
My body dances with yours
This ring of fire
Burns like love

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