Gibsonton, FL has a colorful history deeply rooted in the outdoor amusement industry. It was home to many "freak" attractions in the 1970s (Lobster Boy, The Bertram Siamese Twins) and now is likewise home to many retired performers, while still carrying on the showmen tradition of hosting carnivals, circuses & concessions.

In Riverview, Florida, there is an abandoned slaughterhouse that is fairly easy to find your way into. I don't know much about the building's history, other than it shut down around 10 years ago. It seems that it's a popular location for graffiti artists, substance users, the homeless, and several cows judging by the abundance of animal droppings. :O

Anyway, I decided to drag my friends to help me create a portrait of two visually interesting areas.

Gibtown Showmen's Club & River's Edge Bar in Gibsonton, FL.
An abandoned slaughterhouse in Riverview, FL.
Misc. stops along US-41

appearances by:
Katie Heisel
Zac Shuppara

"Softest Hard" – Easter
full track available at:

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