Your demeanor deceives me.

Why do we do this? Treat each other like we're strangers. I just sit here in my cell watching my insecurities escape from Alcatraz, slowly breaking out and murdering whatever sanity i'd managed to hang onto over the years. I try and stop them but they always corner me. The fuckers.

Anyway, Fuck them. Fuck this. This Eternal Purgatory is bullshit. When i thought id figured it out it appears that i'm exactly where i began. Why is it no matter how this story plays out i somehow can't seem to leave this place. Trapped forever like a fucking reflection, its bullshit.

You're not from round this way are you? But i don't feel like i'm from this planet. So sorry i'm confused...which one of us is foreign?

Them 6 inch heels do look so perfect with that dress though.

UFOwaz x Kvmxl (of Purple Zebra's) "Foreign" taken from UFOwaz's "Hamunaptra". Releases 2014.

Beat 1 Prod. By Johnny Phantem
Beat 2 (Comedown) Prod. By Vercetti Lake

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UFOwaz Twitter:
Kvmxl Twitter:

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