'A Present Death' is a short documentary made as an exercise for my first semester at the University of Texas. The idea was to find a subject that could be explored in 10-15 minutes that represented some part of the community around us.

I was primarily interested in the change that occurs when a family experiences the death of a loved one. Ideally, I wanted to follow a family through this process, however seeing as though we only had a couple of months to complete the project, it became difficult to earn the kind of trust that would allow me to join a family on this tough journey.

The idea then shifted to understanding how people in the funeral industry, people constantly surrounded by death, deal with it on a day to day level as well as when death happens in their own family. A grave digger, a funeral director and a hospice chaplain all take us through but a few of their observations and musings about that one certainty in life, death.

This project taught me about not being afraid to discuss death, and in many cases, planning what you or someone you love would like to happen if tragedy were too strike. Being an active part of someone's death can help in unforeseen ways with the grieving process and adjustment.

I hope you find the subject interesting and that your mind is opened to a few new ideas.

Thank you.

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