My life in 2013. I put in some crazy miles this year. It went by in a flash.

I could make a long list from this year, but these stood out as my favorite memories from 2013
- Snorkeling off the coast of East Africa
- Seeing lions in the wild and walking into a lions den.
- Being charged by an elephant.
- Riding motorcycles in Uganda.
- Holding my nephew for the first time.
- Finally visiting Iceland and I got to go twice!
- Losing my passport abroad.
- Driving an hour from the airport before realizing I didn't even get my bags from baggage claim.
- Making huge progress on my 1st tv show pitch.
- Was part of the team Emmy Nominated for "Wicked Tuna" for National Geographic.
- Randomly running into one of my best buddies Ryan McCarney in LA. Haven't seen him in 3 years.
- Beach times in Malibu
- Building my motorcycle and riding countless miles with my brothers in The Blackbirds
- Lost loved ones. Friends and family now at peace.

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