Alder is Chapter 1 of 'Tree'; a series of animated shorts with characterful rhymes and music describing the common Tree types found in Britain.This is a demo film of one of the series of 20 'chapters'.
TREE is a BOOK to share; a series of short films for TV;
a MUSIC CD; a collection on DVD;
an interactive WEB SITE; an EDUCATIONAL TOOL;
even a merchandising BRAND.
Trees are truely one of the real wonders of the world. They are meditatively beautiful; reflecting changes of light and weather; providing a visual and psychological balancer in our hastey world.
In the glow and turn of a leaf; the flick of a twig;
the sway of its branches; the beauty of its form;
its shapely trunk and limbs; the firm grip of its roots; their awesome age offering continuity in our rapidly changing times.
We are seeking commissions to help us to complete this
exciting project.

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