Polychrome suite (10:24 mi.)

Polychrome Suite explores what it is to navigate conditions of a site, its situation, characteristics, and implication. The gallery, exhibition space or museum is a condition; it colors the artwork it holds, it shifts the viewers experience and perceptions, just as the site and its condition can influence and shift the artists process. Scale, color, light, placement, pace and feel is all considered in this relationship. Polychrome Suite is a reaction to the vastness of this exhibition space; a place that a sculpture would be inclined to fill and work monumentally. Using the body as sculpture and as object, it addresses the site to plays with scale, light, placement, pace and feel and by shrinking the site, creates a common ground between artist, performer, sculpture and place.

Part 1- Reading Between the Spectrum - 4:09
Part 2- Where did We Meet - We Met in the Middle - 3:09
Part 3- Squares Inside of Squares Inside of Squares and on and on - 2.97

Sure Cold Heart, Gem City Saints
Weekend, The Sounds
Sound bites by Zimbot, T_quote_mo, Harri, Toilettrolltube
Erin McKenna
Performers Assistance:
Danielle Julian Norton


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