Here is a trailer for the University School of Nashville Exhibition, entitled "Raw Ribbon". I am debuting a new site specific series of 35 still life paintings on stretched raw canvas, all 16 inches high by varying widths, totaling nearly 53 feet. The paintings span the gallery wall forming the suggestion of a long ribbon. The content of each painting relates to the next, and the beginning and end canvases are custom built to end in a V-shape, typical of the way a ribbon end is cut. On each raw canvas, I focused my attention on painting objects and their shadows with clarity, precision and detail. Amongst the objects included are gift bows, little plastic babies, festive figurines, tiny plastic stars, snakes and more.

I've heard that a person feels the greatest sense of pleasure when they know for certain that they are just about to attain what they have been wanting. On one level, the gift bows and babies represent this exciting prelude to satisfaction. The prospect of being born into something houses eternal anticipation and the promise of fulfillment. However, once a person gets what they want, then the satisfaction eventually fades and new desires arise. Broadly speaking, in the birth of anything there is death, so along this ribbon-like installation of painted objects are notions of birth, death, celebration, and struggle, as well as the stillness and peace one can find within whatever the experience may be.

In the auxiliary gallery room earlier still life drawings, stop motion videos and actual objects that appear in my works are on display, giving the viewer an intimate look into my process. The artworks are like a catalog of dreams. One may find impressions, reflections and sensations as various as the objects in them. The meanings are revealed through visual metaphors of the experiences that we share as human beings, dependent as much upon where the viewer is coming from, as where I have been.

The Raw Ribbon Trailer was made from photographs of the paintings and a stop motion sequence of the installation, accompanied by the Connie Acher song "Treasure".

The show opens January 9, 2014, with a reception from 6-8pm. The show runs through February 10. Works will be for sale, with 30% of sales going to USN. For more information, or to schedule a post-reception viewing, contact Emily Holt at

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