Song - On My Way written and performed by Dan Neutel.
Available on iTunes - itunes.apple.com/us/album/on-my-way-single/id795108607
During the summer of 2013 I spent 6 weeks shooting Rooftops Montreal. To maximize my time there I decided to also head out and get some of my own work done.

On My Way is the result.

Montreal is Ottawa’s closest ‘big city’ and is a place oozing with an energy and passion. Far less ‘British’ and far more ‘European’ than the rest of the Canada, I’ve always felt it to be our country’s cultural heart. The never-ending series of summer festivals and the tens of thousands of Montrealers who come out to them is proof.

But Montreal is also one of North America’s most beautiful cities. As one of North America’s oldest European-settled cities, it was and remains one of Canada’s most important shipping centres and its architecture ranges from the 17th century stone buildings to cutting-edge glass condo towers.

I spent a fair amount of time there in the late 90s, so it was nice to get back for a while and see how things look today.

As for the song, I initially wanted to write a road song, what I ended up with was more 'one man's journey through life' than 'one man's journey to a cool place'. I didn't want to make it anything to deep, but I thought the hip-hoppy/folky vibe worked, so it stuck.

While still rough around the edges I'm slowly figuring out the recoding process - it is a world unto itself - and over time I'll slowly make improvements there too. If you like the song, the vid or both you can download On My Way from iTunes or visit Vimeo's Tip Jar. All support is deeply appreciated will go into more ambitious future photo projects.

For more Montreal stuff check out my rooftop project...


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