Here All Week: a pre-recorded comedy about live comedy, set behind the scenes at a comedy club.*

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In the first two episodes, we're just minutes away from the start of tonight's show. Tech guy Senthil is desperately trying to get things ready, but he has to deal with angry complaints, broken equipment, and a comedian that hasn't even shown up yet, all while defending claims that he might secretly be racist...

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Starring: Hari Sriskantha, James Stewart, Richard Hanrahan, Olivia McNulty, Tom Pseudonym, Rachel Timney and Clarisse Loughrey. Also Starring: Rory Telfer, Ed Prosser, Neha Nayer, Cat Wade and Martin Bearne. Written by: Hari Sriskantha. Staff Writers: Richard Hanrahan, Clarisse Loughrey, Tom Pseudonym and James Stewart. Camera: Ollie Benton. Sound and Lighting: Richard Hanrahan and James Stewart. Music: Stuart Murray.

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* It's called The Last Laugh, but has loads of posters advertising The Stand for some reason.**
** This was a deliberate artistic gesture, to represent how film and television -- and perhaps even all art -- can never be any more than an illusion, and not because we forgot to take them down before filming.

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