Looking for a cheap way to make a stand for your iPad or tablet computer? Get our free detailed set of plans in PDF format - Just go here now! madestupidlysimple.com/redneck.

All you need is a few twigs, some tie-wire, and our free plans and you can make this yur own self!

But fer those of you who don't want to get that stuff all together we have a kit that's ready to go. Here at Redneck Central we have a group of hard workers in there. They're busy putin' together the Redneck iPad Stand kits and send'n 'em out to fill orders from all over the place.

Don't delay. You could make one fer your own self or fer a friend or whatever. We'll help ya do that with our videos too. That's all part of the special Redneck iPad Stand kit.

When I got an iPad Mini I found that to watch anything for any length of time was a chore. I tried leaning it up on stuff but it always fell down.

And a lot of the stands you see around are far to low to the ground to be comfortable for viewing anything for longer than a few minutes. If you ever tried to hold it up in your hand in front of you you'll know that it's hard to do for very long cause yur arm git's tired.

So, one day I got fed up and so I whipped up this iPad stand out of some twigs that grow freely around here. It was really simple to make. I figured that maybe you'd like to make one too so I put these plans together for you and I'm gonna give them to ya for free.

Just go here and pick 'em up today! madestupidlysimple.com/redneck

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