This had to be done! I had to celebrate 25 years of Indie/B Film making somehow, so out came this very old experimental film I made on one of the very first VHS Analogue Camcorders. I was a mere 17 year old! I've tried to revamp it as much as humanly possible from Analogue. The story itself was conjured up after a long weekend clubbing at 'Heaven' in London -- so hence the very abstract plot and the aberrant, freakish acting. The plot focuses on a lodger who decides to rent a room in a safe house where a group of social misfits reside. The lodger becomes very intrusive and delves deep into the psyche of all the flawed and disparate tenants. Makes for an interesting watch, even if you do find it ostentatious.
Please note, the quality is no where near as sharp as my other films!
Shot in London 1989 -- a poignant year for me and the closet opening, which surfaces in this film!
Gay Themed
Track 'Journey of Love' written & composed by Joseph Roy

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