The Lab short film, directed by Body Architect Lucy McRae, is the culmination of a Summer residency at Pin Up Gallery, where Lucy staged a live performance of her invented Swallowable Parfum®. The Lab is the result of weeks extrapolating her artistic provocation which included working alongside Melbourne fashion designers Chorus.

The film opens with an ethereal, strong woman, fluidly rippling on a table top within a sealed chamber; appearing part operating theatre, part butcher with hints of a science classroom, featuring images of McRae’s previous work. Glossily clad Doctors busily prepare visceral liquids, seemingly unaware of the muse undulating on her back, until she is draped in a transparent, pneumatic second skin, emitting a gold liquid between the layers of plastic, simulating the way the parfum would excrete through the skins surface.

A self – initiated project The Lab invites viewers on a speculative journey into a highly evocative, surreally choreographed world where the Swallowable Parfum® is developed, manufactured, packaged, sold and digested.

Continuing their desire to explore the design process spectrum, fashion designers Chorus participated in the
performance both as actors and costume creators. Characters costumes from this imagined world have been refined into a collection of softly tailored women’s wear.

Giuseppe Demaio founder of Melbourne brand communications agency, Local Peoples collaborated with Lucy on the direction and production of this film.

Swallowable Parfum® is a speculative art concept that transcends traditional modes of spraying on scent, working from the inside out, to emit a genetically unique fragrance through the skins surface upon perspiration.

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