Contest entry for the Nikon Every day Cinema contest, My topic is Every day we "Wake up"

Directed by: Jonathan Delgado
Camera : Jonathan Delgado | Patrick Louis-Pierre
Edit: Jonathan Delgado
Talent: Lawnda Jackson

Music by:
Zmi - Fall In

Contest consist of an everyday event made cinematic, I chose waking up. One for its something all of us do, the first thing we do "everyday" well for most of us, God willing. and second because I wanted to create a 5 second dull moment we all over see, and make it something to enjoy. Hopefully we WIN!!! :P

Gear used
Rhino Slider Pro 2ft
Manfrotto Tripod (2)
- 502 and 500 heads
35mm f2
50mm f1.4
50mm macro f2.5
16-35mm f2.8
LED 1000 light panel (1)
LED 508 light panel (1)

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