This is a random replay of a game on "Historical Battle" on Berlin map, we are (us, england and soviet) against german. I just love to fly with a sky like this with my MiG, I hope you'll enjoy it too, if you liked it, dont miss to press the like button!

I fly with a Logitech G940 and a Track IR5 (for head tracking)

By the way as you can see, it called Historical Battle mode on War Thunder but they don't care of your plane tier, I'm using a MiG-15 who is tier 20, this plane was not yet ready for the WWII.
It's a bit unfair against german who got only plane of WWII for this tier (You will see on this video a ME 163, a german rocket-powered fighter aircraft).

I got a sound bug when the replay start, the sound is not correct.
I recorded it with WT

MiG-15 on War Thunder is one of the most powerfull jet.
You can see the review of JJJ0nas on youtube here :
Review of ME 163 from JJJ0nas :

Here is an april fool of War Thunder team :
War Thunder - My Little Pony - April Fool

Join us on War Thunder now! This game is currently in open beta, it's a "free to play" and this game hited on march 2013 1 000 000 of players

You can know more about MiG-15 here :

More information about ME 163

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