whispering about the city
the city is masculine

erection everywhere 
here and there
shoot and march one two three
faster or slower
everything is inconstant
and stable things are falling apart
and collapse is hidden behind a mask
strength of iron
power of steel
majesty of the concrete
 dictatorship of glass
they built heaven
they will build hell
they built a world where everyone is free, equal and safe
I'll go and look for where I belong

whispering about the forest
i've dreamed of the woods
dry leaves on the moist earth
earth embraced by roots of trees
trees sleeping near the road
a womb is where you came from
a womb is where you'll return to
mother will digest you fondly
till there is no proof you were here
old growth of trees you devour my body
turn your eyes upon my silence
hear my every movement
this is the prayer for expansion and stagnation
sung in the temple of primal craving
we cannot be here
the wilderness is gone

whispering about nothing
can you see me?

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