2013, HD, 3'10", Digital Art, Projection Mapping on a Face, Silent

I take emotional noises out of a digital world!

I talk about emotional noises in motion.
As the Internet has developed and Social Networking Sites have appeared,
human beings now have more means than ever to express their thoughts and emotions,
and communicate with numerous people through SNSs every day.
That communication, however, is nothing but a monologue spoken only to themselves.
The solitude of the analogical crowd has been transformed into the solitude of a digital world,
and human emotions have taken on more of a noise-like existence.
In addition, these ‘emotional noises’ change and disappear in an instant.
I take pictures of the human emotions in these passing moments
to bring them into my emotional scope and visually reinterpret them.
This is a series of processes to bring hidden human emotions to the surface
and a way to find and expand a new connection to emotional relationships.
Digitalization, as a methodological tool, is a way for me to arrive at
a visual totality that I would like to express.
As for me, the media art is like drawing an abstract painting in which human emotions are expressed in abstract expressionist colors through digitalization rather than a paintbrush.
I would like these pieces of work to encourage the audience to extract their hidden 'emotional noises' and make their own narratives.

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