This is a two angle video of 3D Systems VFlash 3D printer. This video was made to show the process of the printer since it was magnetically locked and had no windows to view the printing process.

The process employs liquid resin which is cured via a Ultraviolet light over hundreds of layers (slices) to build a 3Demensional object. As you will see in the video to the left, it shows the process of pulling out a thin layer of resin from the cartridge via a retracting arm. It would then send a slice of the 3D image to the imaging surface and then exposure that one layer of resin to UV light which will then stick the build platform. The video on the right starts to show the build up of resin over time as the build platform hangs upside down, instead of right side up. This process was at the time (2009-10) one of the higher resolution printers on the market for the price.

Not shown is the post clean-up and curing. The video ends with a shot of the front doors open, this gives a better
look at the final print on the build platform and the interior of the printer.

Post Clean-Up:
1) Clean printed parts in chemical solution (while still mounted to plate)
2) Clean printed parts in water bath (while still mounted to plate)
3) Remove parts from build plate and trim
4) Cure printed in UV tank (45min to 2hrs)

The one thing I really liked about this printer was that the parts (prints) could be chrome plated!

Upon using this printer for two years it was a finicky design that had numerous service visits just after 6 months of use, it was later replaced by 3D Systems.

Brian (1-6-14)

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