My mother fought the good fight, she proved doctors wrong and never once let up. She was up against colon cancer, then lung cancer, then infection after infection, tumors, and finally liver failure. People describe cancer victims as losing their "battle" with the disease. These five years were no battle for my mother, it was a series of battles, it was a war. She never once complained though. Never said she was robbed, or cheated, or deserved more than this. Instead, she told everyone she met about her struggle, spreading knowledge about colon cancer; the third most common and third most preventable form of cancer. It is because of her advocacy that I am alive today.
The images in this video were ones that I dreaded seeing. But, I want to show them to others, in hopes that it continues to spread my mother's story and struggle. Because like so many other victims, her war with cancer could have been prevented.

For more information on colon cancer visit:

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