This is a series of vignettes highlighting my video art work.

Playlist :

• Title Animation (exceprt from self portrait series)
-A series of closeups arranged using facial recognition software and animated in After Effects.

• "Apollo et Hyacynthus"
-Excerpts from an Opera Production in Panama City. featured digital video effects produced, shot & edited by Glen Jennings.

• "Coil," images and video of the Coil, a motorized sculpture made of mesh and mirrors designed to capture and disperse video projection throughout a space.

• "White Lodge," a gallery show of the video series exploring the themes of ritual. This is the culmination of my Artist in Residency at High Concept Labs in Chicago.

• "Water Walkers," underwater video of performers for the dance series "Paper Shoes" choreographed by Rachel Bunting and performed by "The Humans."

• Exceprt from the music video for the song "Cursed from Birth" by the Heavy Metal group Zath. Produced shot and edited by Glen Jennings featuring Zath, live snakes and speed manipulated video effects.

•Excerpt from the music video for the song "Perfect Place" by Gel Set, remixed by The North. Produced shot and edited by Glen Jennings, using green screen special effects featuring Danielle Hammer and Laura Lulu.

All videos and music produced by Glen Jennings ® 2014

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