2009 was an amazing year for A Broader View Volunteers! A Broader View Volunteers financially donated over $250,000 to our local programs and placed near +500 volunteers overseas.

Our volunteers touched thousands of people in every corner of the World

Contributions made by ABV Volunteers and our participants.

· In Uganda, with ABV funding and the support of our international volunteers construction on a new school house and volunteer center has begun. This program provides support to over 300 children of the Bulenga village.
· In Chile, with ABV funding and the hard work of three volunteers a new mural was painted at a children's orphanage in La Serena Chile.
· In Kenya, with ABV funding hundreds of girls in the Central highland region received much needed sanitary pads and underwear which without prohibited them from attending school each month.
· In Peru, with ABV funding and the hard work of multiple volunteers a new handmade tile art collage was completed and hung in a girl's orphanage in Cusco.
· In Costa Rica, ABV volunteers lent countless hours by assisting in a sea turtle conservation project.
· In Argentina, ABV funding provided construction materials and hands-on support to a local community center in Lomas de Zamora in hopes of creating a safer and friendlier environment to the hundreds of children served at this center.
· In Ghana, with ABV funding, and dozens of international volunteers, the small community of Kpando received medical donations, medical checkups, and much needed funding for the expansion of their current orphanage.
· In Tanzania, with ABV direct support two local orphanages in Arusha received much needed funding for children's clothing, food, farming materials, construction supplies and also small gifts for their children.
· In Kenya, with ABV direct support our Mombasa feeding program received much needed funds to purchase farming equipment in aim to grow food to support 180 children in the orphan center and village school.
· In Honduras, our ABV programs placed over 75 international volunteers in the town of La Ceiba who volunteered in medical and dental clinics, in schools for children with special needs, in local orphanages, and with the local Red Cross HIV outreach efforts.
· In Morocco, our ABV volunteers participated in summer day camp activities with over 400 children, only to return to the USA to raise hundreds of dollars for the orphanage itself.
· In Zambia, with ABV funding 220 children at a Lusaka drop in center were provided educational material, pens, papers, construction supplies for new desks and food every day for a month.
· We are helping over 10.000 orphans in 22 countries with food, medications, schools supplies and mosquito nets.
· Our volunteers took care of 25.000 sea turtle eggs and helped the new turtles to get safe to the ocean, impacting the biodiversity in a positive way.
· ABV sent 9 medical and nurse missions overseas with medicine and treatment for entire villages, this helped over 700 patients.

We are touched by the overwhelming generosity and support of our volunteers. There is still a lot more work and funding needed to help these global communities. We hope you will support the ABV programs, or decide to volunteer with us in 2010. Thank you!

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