Just a little film to take stock of last year's projects.

It was a great year; lots of fun with cars, clothes and 'copters. Did over 100 short films/commercials, worked in 4 different continents, and made some amazing new friends. A big thanks to everyone that made last year so memorable.


About Roberto Serrini:

I'm a director, a photographer, a videographer, a writer, and an editor. I find the title filmmaker limiting. I work in advertising, and bring independently minded branded content directly to my clients. My body of work is reward for fusing many specialized talents together.

I enjoy food and travel culture, underground societies, and making sandwiches. Thanks for watching.


What did I do last year? Let's see…
Lotsa fun stuff with fashion. Got to photo Deborah LLoyd going to Goodwood, and do a funky Mandy edit. Remember Mandy? Directed two Hanes T-shirts, and the actors inside them, and met lots of nice Kate Spade bags.
I traveled a bit. Went to Cuba and did a doc on the Biennial. Went deep into Cambodia and did a doc on humanitarian aid, went to Italy and shot for San Pellegrino. Went to LA did a music video with this guy. Put a truck on fire, flipped a table. Went to Finland, did a music video with this guy. Got a bottle smashed on my head, flipped a table.
Interviewed some interesting people like Peter Hapek who shot Beck. Entrepreneur of the year Lori Cheek, Robert Rattinof and Fritz Wize for Lincoln, Deborah LLoyd, Emit Smith, Wil Wheaton and his honorable Reverend Run.
I was a director on Naomi Campbells show the face. I've had worse jobs.

Got my foodie side filled and got fancy with titles for Chef Ye at Harlow, and had lots of chefs make lots of sandwiches for my series "make me a sandwich".
Launched some new products, like Kate Spades first fragrance, a delicious whisky treat for your mouth, and a hot sauce with, well, punch.
Did some creative directing and re-branding for IFC and for the Tribeca film festival. Did not win award. C'mon Bobby.
Broke some personal records; Delivered 12 videos in 10 days for San Pellegrino. Delivered 22 videos in 16 days for Lincoln, and delivered 42 videos in 5 days for Reebok.
Also helped out on this wicked Morgan Stanley campaign, did some time-lapse eye candy, and even got a few surreal music videos in.
And oh yeah. I bought a drone.
Thats what I did last year. Hope to see you this year. Thanks to everyone who made it so great.


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