About the Work
The installation for Sony's charity event “Ai no Izumi” (Fountain of Love), is on display at Sony Square, the event space at the Sony Building in Ginza. Crystal pillars of light (reaching to a height of 8 m) combine with creative fund-raising to display a variety of colors and patterns, producing a harmony of beautiful light and sound for passersby.


Art Director: Hiroshi Ouchi
Designers: Shigeru Makino, Hajime Nagatsuka, Shota Oga, Tatsuki Kondo
Sound Design:Shojiro Nakaoka (Bitztream)
Producer:Yuki Tazaki
Technical Direction: LUFTZUG
Installation Object: TORAFU Architects
Construction: NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Cinematography: Daisuke Ohki
Planning Production: Sony PCL Inc.
Client: Sony Enterprise Co.,Ltd


facebook: facebook.com/w0winc
Twitter: twitter.com/wow_tokyo

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