her going to have a margin
of tea
the efficient market hypothesis
basically state back stock prices reflect everything
that is known about companies prospect and monthly
com the market is action contrary to what many investors believe
it state that there are no undervalued stocks
and that contest in my computer
artist lucky Warren Buffett challengers
this lot offices am
during a speech in Columbia Business School 1984
if I hung up up disproportionate number of marquee
masters on playing from this same collector
margin Graham Randazzo he identified
he's group market beaters about 15 years before he made this the
eat with their unique style but the same basic approach
and a record of success cramped dusty
bring by Rams we look more into this
speak on so these are the masters
arm I've chosen for this presentation
the 100 left side other are once was among the options provided
in the sample presentation and the ones on the right side
are the ones their I chose the hollow
there are the managers the fifteen years
are miss I'm supreme X performance and that beat the S&P 500 index
by least one person work fifteen years
here or there
repairs and you can see you there five-year
committed 10-year fifteen-year being
much higher then the other directors the S&P 500
are the Standard & Poor's 500 is a stock market converged fast-paced
on market capitalization topped $500 night home
have in common stock listed on the NASCAR the Russell 2000
with the most common man's bar for mutual funds bagpipe themselves a small
s hang in there was created by taking our
make averages are a yearly returns up the eight semester
this on the previous liar and
if you look to happen hired ever averages and
their poetry or standard deviations of returns
is lower then I know those who other
indexes on the right side
you can see its axis being over the S&P 500
and they're usually have higher returns
here is a graphical

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