Production: Gritty Pictures
Production, screenplay, direction and editing by Nour Gharbi
Cinematography by Gabrio Contino
Continuity by Francesca Spinozzi
Make-up by Giulia Giorgi and Vanessa Mattioli
Sound by Giovanni Carbonara
Music by Remo De Vico
Post-audio by Riccardo Cocozza
SFX: Adrien Sérir

Rimbalzello (Ricochet) is an independant and no-profit short film.

Story: An ex-soldier now hitman for the mob becomes the target of his boss when he gets too close to one of his victim.

With Lelio Naccari, Davis Tagliaferro, Giusi Zaccagnini, Adele Perna, Chiara Cimmino Sander, Jennifer Distaso.

Prizes and nominations in film festivals:
Special Jury Prize at the MAAZZENI FILM FESTIVAL (Italy)

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