Label: CLR
Artist: Drumcell
Title: Speak Silence EP
Cat No: CLR074
Format: Digital & 12" Maxi Single

01. Speak Silence (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
02. Speak Silence (Francesco Tristano Pianowave Remix)
03. Speak Silence (Slumberman Remix)
04. Speak Silence (Original)

Release Date: 31.01.14

DIRECTORS: Trevor Jacobson + Tanya Goehring (The Automatic Message)
KEY CINEMATOGRAPHER: Tanya Goehring (The Automatic Message)
KEY EDITOR: Trevor Jacobson (The Automatic Message)


Good news for exigent Techno lovers, here comes another deep and mesmerizing release by the Californian Techno ambassador Drumcell, with remixes by three highly inspired co-conspirators.

Many have already heard Drumcell's original album version of "Speak Silence". The slow and haunting beat, the hypnotizing poetry of the vocals, the incredibly well-defined bass and the dark, enthralling atmosphere characterize the work of this restless sound designer and make it clearly irresistible. Furthermore the choice of the remix producers also could not have been any more spot on.

CLR core artist Brian Sanhaji, one of today´s most creative and in demand Techno live acts, crafted a driving and very club friendly version of Drumcell´s intriguing original composition. The man who is also taking care of the entire mastering of the label has once more proven his sonic and musical sensitivity while effortlessly taking the very essence of "Speak Silence" straight to the dance floor.

The Slumberman Remix creates a spherical and epic vibe without ever using any stylistic stereotypes. Not only different genres get crossed, but also various generations of dance music seem to have influenced the process. Thoughts of pioneering electronic music acts come to mind and it almost feels like a retrospective on a highly modern level. There are rumors that the creator of this remix is the member of a much respected Rock band, but nothing has been confirmed yet... What is obvious is the fact that we are listening to a truly inventive piece of cutting edge Techno, which is basically what Drumcell´s original asks for and deserves.

And then there is Francesco Tristano's remix, which makes you want to close your eyes to just feel and enjoy the beauty of this outstanding combination of electronic music and classic piano. Without any doubt his version adds a whole new dimension to this remix project. A sweet piano melody, improvising freely over the gentle beat, meets acid bass-lines and chopped up vocals, creating a haunting, otherworldly vibe and making a clear statement for free-spirited music beyond genre-definitions.

Somehow the present EP vividly manifests the stylistically open-minded and musically challenging direction CLR has taken lately, while still faithfully holding up the flag for uncompromising Techno - or to put it in different words, this is what happens when truly gifted musicians produce Techno. CLR074 is another significant milestone for Drumcell, the latest new label member, and we can only suggest you to pay close attention to this excellent release.


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