Shown in 1080p, be aware that some computers/web connections may show stuttering motion.
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I bought this Nikon cost effective camera for the quality of its pictures, that was my main interest.
With almost the same specs as the more expensive D7100 (plus a bunch of functions added), I'm totally satisfied when it comes to take very, very good photographs.


I couldn't imagine that in a world where Canon has its leadership among video enthusiasts with its HDSLRs and Panasonic Lumix m4/3 jewels rule in terms of broadcasting quality and codec specs, Nikon D5300 would have produced such beautiful video clips right within its small and light camera body, no external HDMI recorder used.

24 Mpixels in an APS-C Nikon sensor, gorgeous details, natural colours, no OLP filter and... No aliasing at all, as I could check with a couple of cheap lenses.
I'll probably do more appropriate shootings to make aliasing appear, as soon as I get the chance.


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