YEAR: 2010
SYNOPSIS: "Chapter 5: For Generations" discusses how people are affected by growing up in abusive homes and how cycles of abuse are started and passed on from generation to generation.

Movie Synopsis: An in-depth look at the effects domestic violence has on the many people it touches in everyday life. Follows the story of Sam, who lost his sister as a result of domestic violence, as he discovers the realities of domestic violence through personal interviews with survivors, politicians, domestic violence advocates, and others affected by the issue on a regular basis.

GOAL: Raise public awareness for domestic violence, one of our country's most pervasive societal problems

Producers / Directors - Sam Nuttmann and Mark Davis
Editor / Soundtrack - Sam Nuttmann
Camera Operators - Mark Davis, Craig Smiley, Ryan Wardwell, Ketak Soneji
Microphone Boom Operator - Craig Smiley
Motion Graphics / Artwork - Sam Nuttmann
Music - Sam Nuttmann, Rosh Rocheleau, Ryan Wardwell



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