The men's Crew Thermawool base layer paired with the men's Thermawool pant have proved to be the go-to base layer duo by Terramar. The thermawool layers are what I like to call my average-temperature ski day outfit. If it's ten degrees or warmer, I'll choose the Thermawool technology to keep my body warm and comfortable. The thermawool technology was designed with heat regulation in mind, and definitely helps out on the warmer days when I'm sweaty skiing and cold on the lift.

The 100% merino wool would scare a lot of people off, with the idea in mind that these base layers could cause itchy skin. That is absolutely not the case with the Terramar merino wool choices. I've never noticed an itch. What I have noticed is how incredibly soft this stuff is.

I love skiing but not when you're uncomfortable and constantly readjusting your wardrobe. Being the layer closest to the skin, it's obviously important that it's comfortable. And the Terramar Thermawool definitely succeeds the idea of comfort close to skin.

The sizing is worth mentioning, as I usually wear a size large pant. I got the mediums though, and they fit perfectly. The are tight enough so I'm not sagging my pants like the lazy trash boy at Qdoba but not so tight that I can't feel my feet.

Terramar has many different technologies out there and I'm excited to try them. I'm a sucker for merino wool but Terramar's quality build and attention to detail ensures I'll enjoy them all.


Terramar Thermawool:
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