Windy day at 3 Mills Studios in Stratford London UK, using the DJI Phantom Vision 2
Wind 10mph
8th Jan 2014 14:45hrs
Post Production
stabilised with Premiere CC
This purpose is to show the flight and video capabilities of the DJI Phantom Vision 2 using the built-in camera

I think the results are perfectly ok for what you pay and should reasonably expect for equipment at this price point. The lens is clearly very soft at the edges and of course there is absolutely no stabilisation (implied or purchased, so not a criticism, just a statement of fact), so don't expect any particularly useable results without heavy post production. Fish-eye lens artefacts are very pronounced, even more so with stills, but a very good "standard" Adobe lens correction filter for the DJI does a great job of straightening the horizon for stills. Not so easy to get a usable image for video however without a lot of post production with AE. For the price however, you really cannot complain. It's great fun to fly and will give you the bug for wanting to go further... The supplied wifi extender and IOS app work brilliantly (I suspect the Android app works fine, but I'm an iPad/iPhone user so can only comment on what I've tried). I work for a living in Film and TV, using high end cranes, motion control systems and indeed and aerial drones/UAV's or whatever you want to call them..... Believe me, the wifi monitoring capability using the free app f is absolutely marvellous... I would be in fear of losing control/contact of the drone, long before losing the video link.... a great product feature unique in this price range (or any other price range in my experience).... Low cost and good quality aeiral photos and to a lesser degree videos are achievable (with lens and image correction, the soft edge issues and a need for lot of post production for video required), so it's not going to compete with the systems like the Black Armored Drone from Intuitive Aerial for a while yet. see or to see this amazing piece of remote aerial cinematography equipment. If you need to take an Epic or F55 with PL lenses, lens motors and a full broadcast HD link into the air, then there is nothing else in the world to compete.
good. Stunning price point and amazing flight technology
poor. Needs a lot of photoshop or AE post production to produce nice images/video. Poor lens and probably not as good a combination as the same drone with a Go-Pro Hero 3
Score 7/10

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