Laila Davis was born on January 6, 2013 and every day since then we captured one second of her life. Laila is a miracle baby that we waited for many years to come into our family. Through problems with infertility and many failed procedures she came to us and changed our lives forever. We treasure every second we have with her and want to share the miracle of her life with you. This is her whole first year of life.....there were sad times and happy times but overall it is amazing what a miracle every second of her life is. May the happiness she has brought us bring happiness to you and your family.

95% (roughly estimated) of this video was shot with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. 4% was shot with a Canon rebel t3i and 1% was shot with a GOPRO 3.

Music: "At Home" by the Crystal Fighters....Edited by Sam Thomas at

Special thanks to my beautiful wife Danielle for her daily inspiration and help to make this video happen.

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