Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a giant leap in the right direction for web on mobile devices. However, RWD is just a small, part of the big picture. What we really want is for the whole value chain to be responsive, not only in the browser.

There are a vast number of frameworks and tools on the webs for implementing RWD. Most of these provide a great starting point for mobile ventures. However, there are not so many tools out the to help you with the rest of the value chain. Especially tools that are easy to use and provide a relatively small footprint for front end developers.

This talk will explore possibilities you get when you combine the best practices from the client side, with best practices from the server side. Sometimes this technique is called RESS, or Adaptive Design. The talk will contain coding, code samples and best practices based on popular frameworks and tools for Adaptive Design that combines client side and server side techniques. Results, effects and gains in terms of performance will also be documented and exemplified.

The audience will gain insights into how their next project can perform even better in mobile devices and smart ways to reduce data traffic, increase speed and be more future friendly by utilizing the server for heavy-lifting.

Jon Arne Sæterås (@jonarnes)

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