As the New Year begins, we wanted to let you know how much your support is valued. Last year was challenging for Yellowstone with budget cuts and the government shutdown.

But your passion for this amazing treasure never wavered. Because of your support, 45 significant projects either continued to move forward, or started as new projects in the planning phase. They include:

Wildlife, Wonders and Wilderness
1. Native Fish Conservation Program
2. Yellowstone Wolf Project
3. Wildlife and Visitor Safety Project
4. Yellowstone Raptor Initiative
5. Wildlife Health Project
6. Fly Fishing Volunteers
7. Stopping Aquatic Invaders in Yellowstone’s Waterways
8. Design of Slough Creek Fish Barrier
9. Brown Bat Research
10. Bear Boxes for Campgrounds
11. High Mountain Ungulate Research

Visitor Experience
12. Trails Fund Initiative
13. Planning for the Restoration of Roadside Kiosks
14. Planning for Museum Access at Norris Geyser Basin
15. Designing a New North Entrance at Roosevelt Arch
16. Wildlife Safety Exhibits

Cultural Treasures
17. Preserving Yellowstone’s Museum Collection
18. The Million Dollar Room Project
19. The Snake River Archaeology Project
20. Internships with Stanford and MSU to Preserve Yellowstone’s Museum Collection

Ranger Heritage
21. ARCH Yellowstone Volunteers Project
22. Bechler Illegal Trail Removal
23. Adopt-A-Horse
24. Boundary Patrolling
25. Remote Boundary Sensors

Greenest Park
26. Planning Mammoth LED Lighting
27. Environmental Stewardship Initiatives
28. Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship Interns
29. Lamar Buffalo Ranch Solar System Upgrades
30. Andersen® Windows and Doors Mammoth Clinic Upgrades
31. Implementing Yellowstone’s Vision for Sustainability - Water Conservation Project
32. Climate Change Science

Tomorrow’s Stewards
33. Planning for a New Distance Learning Studio
34. Junior Ranger Program
35. Wildlife Olympics Programs
36. Park Journeys
37. Expedition: Yellowstone!
38. Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)
39. Distance Learning – Exploring Yellowstone in the Classroom
40. “Yellowstone To You” Program
41. Yellowstone Field Trips
42. Online Roving Rangers
43. Support for Yellowstone Science Magazine
44. QR Tags for Exhibit Panels
45. Geothermal Research Networking

Enjoy a look back at how your involvement was the difference for Yellowstone last year, as we highlight ten of these 45 projects by clicking here.

Happy New Year,

Karen Bates Kress, President

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