For every shot the software used was sidefx's Houdini, the render passes were created using mantra's PBR and/or RayTracing. The compositing was done by the EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani ( )'s crew.
Music credits: The Strokes - 50/50
00:04 MIRABILANDIA "Divertical"
LIGHT TUNNEL: Completely procedural light tunnel, texture created and animated inside Houdini.
WATER TUNNEL: Dynamics created with FLIP fluids guided by attractor for particles. Creation of foam and white water in a second level of simulation.
ROLLER COASTER: Heart Beating animation. Normal based system to place the car in the right position.
PETALS: Particle system to create the petals all around. The petals are procedural creating the textures and the shaders inside Houdini.
WATERFALLS: Full CGI waterfalls created with FLIP fluids.
00:12 "Automotive"
CAR REPLACEMENT: Camera Tracking with Boujou, Car Shading and Texturing, Animation, 3D environment creation, Lighting.
00:19 Zain "Speed 4G - Traffic Jam"
CG Cars, CG street, Car Transformation: Car Transformation Animation, Creation of various Digital Assets of Cars in Houdini (basic rig and shading). Random placing system for the cars. Render cluster division. Close Street Modeling and texturing. Shading cars and street, Lighting.
00:36 Wind "Business"
CG Building Deconstruction and model construction: 3D procedural modeling, Creation of procedural deconstruction/construction -attribute-based effect - digital assets, Texturing and Shading, Lighting
00:40 Chateau D'ax "Saldi"
On Set Supervision. Modeling, animation and shading of all the objects in the living room. Procedural system based on attributes to create the library effect.
00:45 Q8 "DJ-day"
CG Spinnaker: Cloth simulation, Texturing, Shader Creation, 3D modeling, Lighting
00:49 Lamborghini "Urus Teaser"
Shot 1: Full 3D environment: Flip Fluids lava simulation, RBD simulation, Fluid UV texturing
Shot2-4: Lava simulation over the monster, RBD simulation, fluid UV texturing.
01:02 Aspirina "Granuli"
Tornado, water, letters and particles simulation: FlipFluid Simulation, Particles’ Tornado Simulation, Animation and Tracking, Letters-to-Particles effect creation, Texturing and Shading, Lighting
01:16 Neutro Roberts "Extrafresco"
Fluid Simulation, Snow simulation: Fluid Simulation, Particles simulation, Shading, Lighting.
01:22 "Fake sports brand commercial"
FLOOR SYSTEM: Procedural system to break the floor based on attributes and a master curve.
SHARDS SYSTEM: Point based movement based on mathematical expressions to guide the speed, position and acceletarion of the shards in order to create desired shapes and follow the flow of the floor.
RIGID BODY SIMULATION: At the death of the monster it was desired to make a controlled death of the monster making a procedural rigid body simulation in order to make fall the shards at different times.
01:33 Zain "Speed 4G - Football Match"
CG Couch: 3D Couch Modeling, 3D Couch creation effect, Texturing and Shading, Lighting, Particles simulation, Camera Tracking with Boujou
01:37 TIM "Natale"
Colored Snow Digital Asset creation based on the camera position. Particles system to create the dynamics. Melting effect of the flakes with the contact with the river. Camera Tracking with Boujou.
01:45 Fiat Bravo "SnowWhite"
Butterflies simulation: Particles dynamics, Butterfly model and animation, Shading and Texturing, Lighting.
01:46 Tim "Young Garibaldi"
CG crowd; Crowd Replication (using digital assets created by me in 2010), Texturing and Shading, Lighting
01:48 Marlboro "Change"
CG Letters, Creation of a proximity-based shader : 3D Modeling, Texturing and Procedural Shading, Lighting.
01:53 Brioschi "Auto/Ufficio"
CG Boar: Fur initial Setup, Initial Animation, Accordeon Procedural Modeling.
01:59 William Hill "Roulette/Bingo"
CG men, CG cranes: Houdini TD, 3D cranes procedural modeling, 3D Camera Tracking with boujou, Crowd Replication. Lighting
02:04 Lancia "Luxury"
Rims and tires replacement, reflection creation: 3D Camera Tracking with boujou, 3D modeling, Object replacement and animation, Shading and Texturing, Lighting.
02:11 Volkswagen "Golf TDI - Think Blue"
Camera Tracking with Boujou. Particles system to unveil the ink effect. Rims and tires replacement. Reflection over the car pass creation.
02:16 POKERCLUB "Rallenty"
Slow motion dynamics. Simulation of the movement of the CG chips using the rigid body solver of Houdini. Houdini TD, RBD Simulation, 3D Modeling, Texturing and Shading, Lighting.
02:22 Personal Tests.
- 02:22 Sweating Geometry Digital Asset Creation. Creation of the drops over the input geometry.
- 02:24 Waterfalls: Multi-level simulation of waterfalls.
- 02:27 Fluid Collision: Flip Fluid simulation to make collide two different fluids. Shading creation for water, beer, and lime.
- 02:32 Water Tunnel: Flip fluids simulation to create a water tunnel.
02:37 Same as 01:22. Birth of the monster.

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