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Inspired by a photo Mathieu Bitton took, I recorded this song.
Here you can see the photo:

Music&lyrics, sounds&vocals
Produced, recorded, edited and filmed by Victoria Moralez

Thank you Mattias Lindwall for acting as a human camera-stand in some shots.

Lyrics for In My Pocket

Brought to sleep by the rainy streets
driving towards my home
and my feet are
feeling weary
I've been walking for a long long time

Way up front I can
see my hope shine
I've picked the diamonds
out of that sky of yours
Picked the opals and
put them in my pocket

I feel the rain

I see your pain

I put it my pocket
I promise I'll take care of you

I put it in my pocket
I promise I will follow through

I'll put it in my pocket
You've been driving for a long long time

I'll put it in my pocket
All the rain has clouded your mind

I feel the rain

I feel your pain

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