This video is the 6th step on the Plat-Mex Jewelry manufacturing Casting process. This is the most important step in the casting jewelry manufacturing process. This is where the precious metal will be mixed with other metals in order to create the desired alloy. The mix of metals is going to acquire a liquid state.
The liquid metal alloy is poured into the hallow part of the investment contained within the flask where it fills the place that the wax tree used to occupy, taking the shape of the jewelry tree and resulting in a precious metal jewelry tree.
Part of the casting equipment at platmex includes a casting machine with water cooler stand and another casting machine with water cooler stand and autocast. The flask is inserted into the machine and so is the mix for the alloy and the casting happens automatically.
Once the casting is complete the flask is removed from the casting machine, it is immersed in cold water where the metal cools off and becomes 100% solid maintaining the shape of the jewelry tree and the remainder of the investment is removed with pressurized water. In this case the Precious Metal is Silver.
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