We launched a competition towards the beginning of the "13 days of Gowalla Tools Christmas" for people to submit videos of themselves singing a rewritten version of "The 12 days of Christmas". The videos would then be mashed up into a single song with a prize going to the best video as judged by my good self. The prize? A Gowalla Tools iPod Shuffle!

There weren't many entries but quality certainly makes up for quantity in this contest. A big thank you to:

lonelycoo (who convinced Gary Vee to sing in the video)
garyvee (who sang "that's me" at the end of one verse)
peddingferd (best facial expression when singing "five muscle cars")
joescales (dressed festively and sung brilliantly)
wizpip (sung castrato unnecessarily)
angelsk (altered the last line to cater for new items and wore Gowalla Ears)

There could only be one winner though and I'm happy to say that Dr Peddingferd has won the Gowalla Tools iPod Shuffle due to a) narrating every line (but number 5), b) sitting next to a Christmas Tree and old clock, and c) explaining the meaning behind the traditional song in his submission video.

Thanks to all of you for taking part - I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :D

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