A day spent walking the Victoria Line... above ground!

James Borrell (jamesborrell.com) is a conservation biologist with a love of adventure. However, you can't always fly off to remote parts of the world to conduct scientific research, so James has embarked on a series of microadventures; small, easily manageable trips in local surroundings that allow him to explore and experience places he has never seen before.

Living in London, what better microadventure than walking the London Underground lines... above ground! This short fly-on-the-wall documentary follows James and his girlfriend Jess as they walk the Victoria Line from Brixton to Walthamstow Central, taking in all of the sights and sounds that go unseen by so many as they travel the tube deep below ground.

If this film has caught your imagination, I would suggest reading "Walk the Lines" by Mark Mason, a terrific story of Mark's project to walk all 11 London Underground lines - theimportanceofbeingtrivial.com/walk-the-lines.html

Filmed and edited by Matt Williamson of BEANBAG Media.
Music: Into the Sunset - Rob Simonsen
A BEANBAG Media production.
All rights reserved.

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