Berlin Alexanderplatz - it's about futures, nothing less than that.

During the last century only, three major architectural competitions were held with the purpose to entirely demolish the site and build it from scratch. The first one (1928) was about to build a «Weltstadtplatz» a «metropolis square», the second one (1964) succeed to create the centre of a socialist capital and the third competition(1993) headed for the disappearance of the previous Alexanderplatz. The first of its ten highrises is about to be built at the very moment. This building would be the tallest in Berlin, yet it's not exactly standing on solid ground.

With every iteration of the tabula rasa, the existing buildings were almost entirely replaced by others. To the contrary, the infrastructure below the surface was getting more and more complex.

The site of the tower that is about to be built accidentally happens to be situated exactly on top of the biggest of these underground structures. A giant concrete artefact has been resting underneath for almost 90 years measuring around 75x85x17m. It is the foundation of a high rise by early modernist Peter Behrens. Built in 1928 but never completed after the financial crisis hit the american investor. The massive concrete block is already perforated by 3 subway tunnels, later topped by a three-storey nazi bunker that was then connected to subterranean socialist pathways and a shelter for the heads of the socialist party, directly accessible with their limousines through another car tunnel. (...)

Read more about the artefact and «Bauvorleistung Alexanderplatz» a future reconstruction facility:
Pictures of the subterranean:

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