For his new project entitled ‘i-’, Jeremy Hutchison has constructed a commercial shoot using professional hand models. While ordinarily employed to hold products for advertising campaigns, here the models have been commissioned to handle lumps of clay. The products are twisted clods of mud, hollowed around the models’ immaculate palms. Perfectly ergonomic, they are tailored, customised, unique. In some ways, these are ideal consumer products.

For what do we seek in the things we consume? According to Jean-Paul Sartre, we seek our selves. Our bodies’ passage through existence is accounted for in the things we own. Momentarily, they offer us something concrete. Something to grasp, before life flashes by, things dissolve, and all matter returns to mud. Because somewhere in the recesses of our being, perhaps every consumer recognises his own organic matter in the process of consumer capitalism.

The video component of an installation by Jeremy Hutchison, commissioned by Radar (UK) and Rurart (France)
Photographer: Jonathan Minster
Hand model: Brooke Colman

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