This is my entry for the FilmFight contest, "Christmas Nightmares". It is written and directed entirely by me, and was filmed in my parents' living room one afternoon with help from my friends Anders Skov and Crælle. Thanks to you both for taking the time out of your day to help me with this.

This is also my first attempt at working with greenscreen effects.


FILM FIGHTS - Christmas Nightmares

Create a spooky Christmas film. Maybe Santa is an evil demon, or maybe he's being chased by something evil. Maybe a present ends up having something horrible inside of it. Scare us!

02:00 Max

Written and directed by Bjarke Johansen

MAN - Bjarke Johansen
MONSTER - Christian Metz

MAKE-UP / CAMERA - Anders Skov

MUSIC - Tonjia Atomic

Other Music and sound from

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