NewTV is proud to present the eighth episode of The Folklorist. Host John Horrigan tells the story of an infamous financial schemer in Boston, an American hero who was saved from a poisonous plot, a tragic snowstorm that took Midwesterns by surprise, and an unsolved case of a mysterious creature alarming residents in a small town. Also featuring Campfire segments on Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, and President Barack Obama.

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A NewTV Original Program
Produced & Directed by Angela Harrer & Andrew Eldridge
Hosted by John Horrigan
Created by John Horrigan & NewTV
Executive Producer: Robert Kelly

The Ponzi Scheme:
Joe Chambrello appearing as “Charles Ponzi"
Paul Lussier appearing as “Boston Post Owner"
Robert Hanes appearing as “Clarence Barron"
Frank Stewart appearing as “William McMasters"
Keith Phillip Upham appearing as “Investor 1"
Eric Jonathan Boles appearing as “Investor 2"
Eugene Foygelman appearing as “Investor 3"
Janet Waldman appearing as “Restaurant Patron 01"
Lin Hultgren appearing as “Restaurant Patron 02"
Michael McCloskey appearing as “Bank Manager"
Mike Weiner appearing as “FBI Agent 01"
Jon Shulman appearing as “FBI Agent 02"
Steven Lee appearing as “FBI Agent 03"

George Washington and the Poisoned Peas:
Paul Head appearing as “George Washington"
Shane "Rudy" Rudolph appearing as “Thomas Hickey"
Chanelle Lansley appearing as “Phoebe Fraunces"
James McGruder appearing as “Samuel Fraunces"
Alessandro Zanet appearing as “Soldier"
Joe Plouffe appearing as “Soldier"
Sam Stulin appearing as “Bar Patron"

The Children's Blizzard:
Jennifer Fillingame appearing as “Minnie Freeman"
Jonathan Kaplan appearing as “Samuel Glenn"
Eugene Foygelman appearing as “Seymour Dopp"
Josh Dolan appearing as “Man 01"
Herbert Fuchs appearing as “Man 02"
Kelly Young appearing as “Parent 01"
Holly Stanford appearing as “Parent 02"

Connor Schofield
John Fumia
Gavin Montiero
Aiden McLaughlin
Liam Hennessy
Nicole Sarmiento
Haley Pine
Casey Monteiro
Marissa Plasse
Avery Markle
Sammy Silverwatch
Jauslin Mensah

The Dover Demon:
Trevor Frederick appearing as “Bill Bartlett"
Liz Flemke appearing as “Bill's Friend"
Alexi Reibman appearing as “John Baxter"
Rachel Brown appearing as “Abbey Brabham"
Sam Melnick appearing as “Will Tainter"

Writers: Andrew Eldridge, Angela Harrer and John Horrigan

Contributing Writers: Shelby Levinson and Anastasia Bogomolov

Associate Producer: Melinda Garfield

Producer's Assistant: Katie Rubino

Editors: Andrew Eldridge and Angela Harrer

Cinematographers: Andrew Eldridge, Angela Harrer, Sam Stulin, Rachel Brown, Shelby Levinson and Eugene Foygelman

Casting Director: Shelby Levinson

Production Design: Andrew Eldridge and Angela Harrer

Sound Design: Andrew Eldridge and Angela Harrer

Assistant Editors: Shelby Levinson, Eugene Foygelman, Rachel Brown, Brianna Gershkowitz and Nick Longman

Music & SFX: Kevin Macleod and Organic Music Library

Production Assistants: Sam Melnick, Trevor Frederick, Liz Flemke, Alexi Reibman, Sam Thornley and Melissa Moriarty

Office Manager: Cheryl Uttaro

Marketing: Shelly Kaminitz

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