Dedicated to the memory of my mother, cellist Viktoria Mathiessen (1942-2002). This work is composed in three parts, after the (original) French texts of the great Russian poets Muraviev-Apostol, and Marina Tsvetaieva.
From the point of view of timbre, and from the philosophical aspect, this work continues and further develops the musical style of the symphony Nimbus. This work represents the struggle between material and the spirit, between light and darkness, between the present and eternity.
Some brief citations of the texts:
Part 1 Tsvetaeva: The keenest pleasure of my life has been to pass through on ones own and quickly, quickly and on ones own.
Tsvetaeva: When I was born all places were taken. Therefore, the only place I could live was the sky, above which height no airplane could attain.
Tsvetaeva: Never forget that at each instant of your life, you are at the extreme limit of timeat the the farthest limit of the horizon.
Karamzin : Solitude is the mother of genius.

Part 2 Coposition Elena GANTCHIKOVA d'après le poème d'Ivan Muraviev-Apostol
cello ensemble "Cellopaladio", Katelijn Van Kerckhoven- cello solo, Rachel Fabry soprano,Elizabeth Bultman, orgue, Edwin Derde et Luc Anthonis direction, Jeugdkoor Cantilene. Antwerpen,festival Europalia.europa 2005, Inbeelding video production

Formatin :
mezzo-soprano (soprano) solo
orchestre de violoncelles (divisi in5)
Commande de « Cellopaladio »

Copyright © 2005 Elena Gantchikova
mezzo-soprano (soprano) solo, cello ensemble, organ, chorus.

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