Find here kind viewer, a brief description of one family’s experiences during the Race War of the 1960’s-70’s in Pontiac Michigan. This is all based on true events, but time constraints required that I edit the sequences and shorten the story. Names have been changed to protect us from Stupid people in large groups and the odd, bored, lawyer.

This is a work of fiction but based on my own eye-witness account.
The Oakland Press
48 West Huron
Pontiac, MI 48342

I present this story of strength, survival and heroism in the format of a short, one-act, solo performance. I hope to giving you some understanding of how fatiguing; grinding life can become while trying to do the right thing. Even in American.

I am not a professional actor or playwright. I could not have gotten this far, a grainy video with a rough actor, without the kind but driven assistance, acting direction and production work of Ms. Eleanor O'Brien, (a very much accomplished expert actor in her own right).

I hope this will give you, the kind viewer, cause to reflect.

The play is just about 17 minutes long. I drop one small “F” bomb, then a larger one and then maybe a slight S**t.

Good Luck

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