Bugs it’s a performance for the public space composed by four different routes, of 30 minutes each, performed by four actresses, that invite the audience to follow them in a path through a garden, a park, a square or a street.
Four women have a blind date with someone unknown at a garden, a busy street, a square. What strategies do they develop to find whom and what they looking for? What do they do to pass the time while waiting? How can they be sure of being recognized?

Each pathway is accompanied by one soundtrack, recorded in binaural audio system, to which the viewer has access via a mp3/mp4 player. These sound tracks are 4 soundscapes that create the intimacy possible in a public space: the performer and the audience are linked by sharing a psychic landscape and a sound experience.

Artistic Direction | Catarina Vieira and Solange Freitas
Co-Creation and Acting | Catarina Vieira, Solange Freitas, Leonor Cabral and Tânia Alves
Sound | Tiago Cerqueira
Artistic Collaboration | Dolores de Matos
Photos | Bruno Simão
Production | Vertigo – Associação Cultural and FIAR – Festival Internacional de Artes de Rua de Palmela

Premiere | Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Valladolid 2013

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