The Quest for Meaning and Significance
Psalm 39
Rob Orr

When we search for meaning and significance in the midst of the trials of this life, the solution is not found in trying to deal with it in our own strength; vs. 1-3.
Our effort at finding meaning and significance in life apart from God will end in despair.
The best course of action is to take our struggles to the Lord; vs. 4-7.
He will give us an eternal perspective.
He is our hope.
In Him, we find meaning and Significance.
The Lord is our Wonderful Counselor, Is. 9:6.
He is capable of dealing with our struggles because He is the Mighty God.
Whatever our transgressions may be, God will deliver and forgive those who trust in His mercy; vs. 7-13.
His mercy is fully manifested and provided for in Jesus.

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