Introduced at the 2014 American Football Coaches Convention in Indianapolis, Schutt Vision is the first high definition video camera to be integrated into the football helmet itself - allowing others to see exactly what a player is seeing on the field.

The advanced technology is built into the nose and back bumpers of Schutt helmets and is fully impact resistant. The entire system is the first on-board video camera and helmet that is NOCSAE compliant, meaning you can use Schutt Vision in practices and games. Developed in tandem with Sports Video Innovations, one of the country's leading and most technologically advanced developers, Schutt Vision will truly unleash a new vision of the game of football.

Coaches love it because they can see what mistakes their players are making and correct it immediately with instantaneous visual feedback.

Broadcasters and content creators will love the exhilarating, point-of-view video that's never been available to them before.

Schutt Vision will be available in Spring 2014.

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