Talk given in Toronto by Rev. Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, member of the South African Parliament and President of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). He explains in detail why it is absurd to think that Israel resembles South Africa of the times of apartheid:

2:40 What’s wrong with Bishop Tutu?
4:39 The 7 laws that defined the SA apartheid
6:25 #1: The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act
7:00 #2: The Immorality Amendment Act (1950)
7:25 #3: The Population Registration Act
9:14 #4: The Group Areas Act (1950)
10:20 #5: The Bantu Authorities Act (1951)
11:42 #6: The Native Act #67 (1952)
13:50 #7: The Reservation of Separate Amenities Act
18:40 DEISI, an organization that supports Israel
21:50 Why the South African government must be changed

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